Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees for DIFFA/Dallas are an eclectic mix of hardworking Dallasites who bring new ideas and partnerships on behalf of our Aids Service Organizations.


Tim Garippa
Board Chair

Meagan Camp
Vice Chair of Operations

Patrick Gibson
Vice Chair of Development

Victoria Snee
Vice Chair of Communications

Reed Robertson
Vice Chair of Brand & Marketing

Steven Rahhal

Mohammed Jaber

David White
At Large

Christopher Baker
Burgers & Burgundy Co-Chair

Robert Lee
Burgers & Burgundy Co-Chair

Zachary Ripp
Wreath Co-Chair

Andy Kivilaan
Wreath Co-Chair

Clint Bradley
House of DIFFA Co-Chair

Justin Bundick
House of DIFFA Co-Chair

Brittanie Oleniczak
House of DIFFA Co-Chair

Jim DiMarino
House of DIFFA Co-Chair

Vodi Cook  

Ashley Douglas   

Al James  

Richard Rivas 

Tristan Tanner  

Courtney Westmoreland Rider  


2019-2020 Style Council Ambassadors

Each year the DIFFA/Dallas Board of Trustees appoints a select group of individuals that make up the DIFFA/Dallas Style Council. The council is made up of a diverse group of local leaders that deserve recognition. Style Council Ambassadors are honored guests at DIFFA/Dallas’ exciting season of social events and benefits. 

Style Council Ambassadors also play a key role in the organization’s efforts to raise the critical funds needed to support our grant philosophy of closing the gap left by insufficient and declining government funding. Our Style Council helps us make a direct and impactful contribution to the many deserving AIDS Service organizations(ASO)in North Texas.


Alison Volk

Ann Marie Morrow

Chris Angelle

David Dummer

David Putnam

David Weir

JD Miller

Ken Weber

Kevin Cumminigs

Kimberly Alexander

Kris Ammon

Kyle Shiels

Lara Whittington

Neil Cazares-Thomas

Stevbe Noviello

Yana Greenstein


2019-2020 Legends

This year, DIFFA/Dallas is proud to present the 2019 Legends. The Legends group consists of former DIFFA Style Council Ambassadors and Board members. This elite group of individuals have been key in the success of DIFFA/Dallas over the years and continue to helps use make a direct and impactful contribution to the many deserving AIDS Service organizations(ASO)in North Texas.


Carol Hatton

Cearan Henley

Darin Kunz

Don Gaiser

Greg Johnson

Mai Caldwell

Ralph Randall

Shayne Robinson

Simona Beal